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 WHAT IS    Hooklab? 

HOOKLAB is a 2-day songwriting camp that brings together Norwegian talent and international pro-writers to create global pop-hits. Our event will be a creative haven to feel free, inspired and supported in bringing out your best.

We are standing on the shoulders of the giant event SongExpo in Trondheim, where Tom Hugo, the founder of Hooklab, was introduced to pro-writing. Multiple hit songs later, he’s teamed up with music manager Liucija Ridikaite to bring the hit-writing circus to his hometown. A-level producers, topliners & publishers from Japan, Korea, China, Los Angeles, Sweden & Finland are have taken part in 2018 and 2019, and this year will be no exception.


kyre 2018.jpg

As well as giving you every piece of info you need to create cutting-edge hit songs, Hooklab will have a team of publishers and a&r's available for feedback during the camp. They will also be present during the digital listening-session and may pick songs for their projects. This year, the focus is on writing songs for Korea, Japan and China.

As well as providing a technical platform for bringing out your A-game, we'll book singers to record the demos of your possible megahits. (If you are a Topliner with the ability to record yourself, let us know, as that will be a big plus:) 


Our team and partners will make a selection on the basis of the demonstrated skills, motivation and style. All applicants will be notified by 19.08. If you’re not selected this year, it doesn’t mean you’re not a great writer, just that we couldn’t find a place in this years mix.

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